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Poor Design + Poor Execution = Very Few Visitors

Is the information that you want to share on your website easy to find? Is the information easy to understand? You might think so, but your potential clients may not. Loosing potential clients when they have difficulty finding what they want is not a good business model or spending your money wisely. A poor User eXperience is caused by an out-of-date or badly executed User Interface.

Your website reflects your business image online. That is why a well-designed site is crucial for success.

Planning a new website or a refresh of your old one requires hours, days, and months on Research, Creation, Initial Search Engine Optimization, Development, Design, Social Marketing, and Execution. If you do not have that amount of time to invest and commit to your website, you are wasting your time and losing ground to the competition — a horrible website is still better than having none at all, but only in name recognition. Most people may avoid you because of the horrible, out-of-date website.

Professional Website Design

The days of creating a website and letting it do its thing with litte to no updates is a thing of the past, and long gone. REMEBER: a horrible website is still better than having none at all. Website Development, Design, Management, and Administration are just as important to your business as your skills, knowledge, expertise, products, and services.

DAVENPORT WEBSITE DESIGNS professional website design service will strengthen the online presence of your business or organization, or develop and grow your web start-up; either way, we can get you found online.