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Poor Design + Poor Execution = Very Few Visitors

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes to their digital marketing strategy is not focusing on developing unique content for their website. Using duplicate content, outsourcing content to copywriters who do not understand or know their business, posting content guilty of keyword stuffing, or simply not having enough content on their websites, leave businesses stuck wondering why they cannot get their sites to rank for their core search terms. What is our secret to writing content that not only ranks well in SERPs but also drives leads?

Davenport Website Designs has experience in writing content for film, weblogs, stories, products, technical writing, and websites. Clients throughout many different industries ask us to create compelling and informative copy for much more than just their website.

DWD can ensure that all writing maintains a consistent style with your other marketing materials, helping you keep your branding and messaging clear to your clients. As with our SEO content, our other writing still goes through an extensive internal editing process. After our first draft, it is checked thoroughly to verify that it maintains proper grammar, syntax, and spelling. A copy is sent for your review before we distribute it anywhere on your behalf.

Professional Website Design

The days of creating a website and letting it do its thing with litte to no updates is a thing of the past, and long gone. REMEBER: a horrible website is still better than having none at all. Website Development, Design, Management, and Administration are just as important to your business as your skills, knowledge, expertise, products, and services.

DAVENPORT WEBSITE DESIGNS professional website design service will strengthen the online presence of your business or organization, or develop and grow your web start-up; either way, we can get you found online.