You Build It, Sell It, or Service It - You Need A Website

Any type of website you need.

DAVENPORT WEBSITE DESIGNS knows that each industry has its own needs and expectations from visitors. With experience in creating websites from Automotive to non-profit organizations and everything in between, DWD is excited to help you sort out those needs to fulfill visitor's expectations and yours for your business industry.

Film Production

Let the world know about your new film and to share the cast & crew, the story, and the hard work you did in making your movie. Create buzz and a following for your film production.


A personal site about your travels or a family site that is far superior and organized than a facebook page.


Create a portfolio of your photographs to share with the world.

General Services

Launch your general services or contracting business and stand out from the competition! Whether you are looking to provide services to government or commercial customers, your firm’s capabilities will shine on your website! Get started today!


Demonstrate your auto repair expertise or advertise that you sell vintage specialty automobiles!


Put your construction business on display and tell clients how your firm is the right choice for their next project!

Restaurants and Food Service

Are you looking to open your own restaurant? Design a website that captures your menu and invites guests!


Creating a recognizable and unique brand with cohesive logos, colors, and fonts to reflect your values, dreams, and culture.

Real Estate

Drive leads for buyers and sellers of real estate with a carefully crafted website that highlights your insights into the market! Showcase your licenses and experience.