Responsive and Mobile Website Design

Is your site static and stiff, not flexable for todays mobile devices?

Your website reflects your business image online. That is why a well-designed site is crucial for success. A website requires many hours a week for Updates, Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, and Weblog writing — a few items that need constant attention.

That is after you pend hours, days, and weeks — possibly months — Researching, Creating, Initial Search Engine Optimization, Development, Design, Social Marketing, and Execution. If you do not have that amount of time to invest and commit to your website, or the skills to develop and design, you are wasting your time and losing ground to the competition — a horrible website is worst then having none at all.

Could your current website be more effective for your business? Could it be better serviceable for mobile customers? Is it just sitting there doing nothing? Contact us and we can help you get your business noticed and found online.

Professional Website Design

The days of putting up a website and letting it do its thing without updates is a thing of the past and long gone — a horrible website is worst then having none at all.  DAVENPORT WEBSITE DESIGNS professional website design service will strengthen the online presence of your business or organization, or develop and grow your web start-up; either way, we can get you found online.

The Future Is Mobile · The Future is here

As we stated on our Home Page: "Mobile devices make up 98% of internet access." But what does that really mean to you, your website, and your business?

The days of viewing a static website designed for a larger screen and viewing it on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet and having the viewer have to shrink and expand the screen to read it is another thing that is long gone, as is, having separate mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of your site. They are not only time consuming to maintain, but puts excess load on the server, slows down the load time for the viewer, not to mention the unneeded added expense to maintain them.

One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

If your business is not taking advantage of responsive web design you are in danger of going out of business, or losing a big chunk of your income; no matter what you think, the future is here and if your site is not mobile friendly, your visitor count will diminish and quickly. Investing in a responsive website should be your #1 online marketing goal. Having a mobile–friendly website is essential for any business wanting to be found and noticed online.

Benefits of a Web Presence

A well planned, researched, designed, executed, and actively maintained and updated website will be more productive than one that is not — using a free website design service and a canned template may be the cheapest and easy way to start a web presence, but in the long run you are loosing more money than you are saving, because they limit you in the tools you have access too, the ability to design outside the template, and don't play well with SEO, Social Media, or analytical stats — an expenditure that keeps you from being noticed and found online.

Website Value

Investing pennies and little time into an Ecommerce site will not reap the highest reward, nor will investing thousands of dollars and endless hours into a family site — the payoff is a byproduct of the value which is correlated with its purpose — "What do you want the website to achieve and how important is to you?"

Price is a mere whisper in the scheme of things when you look at what Apple, Amazon, and Disney pay a month, and what they get in return — "You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It."